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How does home equity work?

You can borrow funds using your home as collateral. The amount you can borrow is based on the equity you have in your home. Use the funds for major expenses such as a home addition, dream vacation or even debt consolidation.

Home Equity Line of Credit Home Equity Loan
Type Revolving credit line (HELOC) Fixed-term loan
Interest Rates Variable interest rate as low as Prime; only pay interest on what you borrow Competitive fixed interest rate stays the same for the length of the loan
Payments Payments vary based on how much of the credit line you use Predictable monthly payments that stay the same
Access to Funds Access funds if and when you need them using credit checks Immediate access to entire lump sum in a single payout

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*Introductory APR (annual percentage rate) will be fixed at 1.89% APR for the first 6 months for those lines with up to 89.9% loan to value (LTV). Thereafter, the rate may vary. APR will not fall below a floor of 3.25% APR after the introductory 6 months. The rate is based on credit score, LTV and Prime rate. The Prime Rate equals the highest Wall Street Journal (WSJ) prime rate as published in the WSJ effective the date the 6-month introductory period expires. WSJ prime rate effective 8/12/2020 is 3.25% APR. Example: credit score of 730+ and LTV of 70% or less will have a rate of 3.25% as of date of publication following the introductory period. Maximum rate is 21%. Annual fee is $50, waived for first year. Reimbursement fee up to $399 applies if line is closed within the first 36 months. Subject to credit approval. Other terms and conditions may apply and are subject to change without notice. Offer expires November 30, 2020.